My first aerial photos

My name is Dennis Williams and my wife is Laura Lee.

These first three photos were taken at Salisbury Beach State Park, MA, near the end of the Merrimack River, with the help of our friends John & Paula Elsbree. John is tending the kite while I sit at the picnic table controling the camera and taking pictures. Paula is on the left and Laura Lee on the right in the chairs next to our motorhome. The negatives were scanned is a 300dpi.

The camera is a Pentax Z-XM with a 50mm lens and video down link. The kite is a Flowform 30.

John & Paula's motorhome is next to ours on the left.

Pan left of our camp site.

Two weeks later at the North end of the Cape Cod canal with John & Paula.

Two men stopped by to see the setup. John is sitting on the rail tending the kite again. The girls are watching the guys and their toys. A 28mm lens was used on the camera.

We were at Scusett Beach State Park. The picture looks East across the canal towards Cape Cod.

Pan left at a higher angle.

My flight crew, Laura Lee, Paula and John. The wind was really strong and John needed all the help he could get to bring the kite in after removing the camera from the line. The radio control unit, TV and video receiver sit on the tripod. I'm going to switch from the 2.3" TV to a 4" TV to see if I get a better picture, as the 2.3" TV is just a bit too small.

I said the wind was strong.

Rube Goldberg has nothing on me when it comes to building stuff.

I used the Futaba cable connector to plug into the camera. I opened up the holes in the plastic just a bit to fit the pins on the camera. Did I mention that I'm using Futaba radio equipment?.

The battery life for the video sender/camera is about 40 minutes, so I added a switch to turn the video on when the camera is panned down just a few degrees.

I bought my video stuff from:, specifically the MLV10, currently going for $109.95. The video camera was about $30. I have two lens for the camera, the angle of view for each is the same for the 28mm and 50mm Pentax lens.

14 new L-AAA NiMH batteries (650 mAh) from will cost about $52 and will cut another 6 oz. from the total weight.

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