More aerial photos

My full flight crew was unable to make the trip to Galilee, RI after a weekend of RVing at a Numar RV Rally where the wind just would not cooperate for picture taking.

Laura Lee and I made the trip where we knew the wind would be up and we were not disappointed.

We found a field where we could put up the kite without interference and away from the crowd. I've added new Ni-MH batteries to the system and shortened the arms on the Picavet. It's really tough to get the weight down, it's at 3 lbs. 4 oz now.

I sent my first 28mm lens back for a better one, so only had the 50mm to work with on this trip. Also have a 5" TV on the down link and it works much better for aligning the picture.

I was so excited about getting the camera in the air that after taking a few pictures I remembered that I forgot to turn the camera on. Bring it down, turn it on, back in the air, shoot pictures, bring it down, no pictures taken, forgot to plug in the camera servo switch, back in the air for the third time, shoot pictures, come down, success. Pictures pan left to right in order.

Everything fits into a knapsack so it is easier to transport now. We had to park the motorhome (top right) a half mile up the road and walk down to the docks. Fisherman's Memorial SP is to the left of the water tower at the top of the picture.

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