Photos of new KAP rig

With no brains and lots of money you can start over again.

Wanting to build a lighter camera rig, I started from scratch following the pattern of Charles Benton rig #3.

Thank you Charles for pointing me to a better, more functional camera system.

The only thing used on the new system from the old is the RC receiver and the line hooks from the picavet.

The camera is a Yashica T4, A video down link transmitter, 9VDC TX (video TX is velcro'd to the vertical bar on the right, it is a very small unit) and the Video camera (PC60SX) also runs on 9VDC. Two 4 cell (4.8V) battery packs hang from the horizontal bar. A creative battery wire harness allows 4.8V to the RC receiver/servos and 9.6V to the Video. This method saved 2 oz. of weight. Batteries are AAA 650Mh Ni-MH.

Video camera and shutter release servo detail. Tilt servo is a HS-81.

The Pan servo (hitec HS-81) was modified to spin continually using method #4 from David Hunts E-Resources web site. Allowing the Pan stick to return to center stops the panning.

I couldn't find gears to rotate Horz. to Vert. so used a simple rod off the servo (HS-81). The bearing for the rotate is from a junk 3.5" HDD.

Camera in vertical position.

Most of the material is 3/4" X 1/2" X 1/16" Angle Aluminum. 1/16" flat stock for the camera mount and panning mount. 1/32" for the video mount. Switched the picavet line to 70# nylon braded chalk line, another 2 oz. saved.

Now, what everyone wants to know!, what does this thing weigh?. 1 lb. 9 oz., includes picavet.

I was in a hurry to get it flying this past weekend and have not yet drilled the frame members to reduce the weight even more, however, I expect I well only get less than 2 oz. by doing so.

Horizontal to vertical photo detail has been added at the request of David Hunt.

The distance from the center of the servo to the ball pivot is the same as the center of the camera pivot to the ball.  When the servo rotates 90 degrees in a counter-clock-wise direction, the camera rotates in a clock-wise direction.  The connecting rod and ball pivots are used on RC aircraft.


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