November/December in Florida

Since Laura Lee would loose vacation time at the end of the year if it was not taken we decided to surprise John & Paula by coming to visit them in Florida. 

Of course, Geocaching was on our mind as one of our outdoor activities.  John did his homework and had four ready for us to do in one day.  This gave Laura Lee and me a chance to see some of central Florida's country side.  The date was 11/25/02.

Avalon Lookout was the first stop.  A Virtual cache on high ground that over looked Disney World.  The fireworks would be good viewing from this location.

Op-Tom was next.  The girls stayed in the car as the hike was over a mile round trip in soft sand down a horse trail.  After John filled in the log we strapped his camera to a tree for a picture.

  The West Orange Trail was interesting as it was my first Micro cache.  We parked in a parking area and walked a hundred yards up a paved bike path.  Guess I'll have to get my glasses worked on as I over looked the thing about three times, then John pointed it out to me.

Museum of The Apopkans was last, a good thing too as we were getting hungry.  Good thing four of us were along as I sure didn't know one plant from another where the cache was hidden and my GPS only reads in miles, that means when it reads 0.0 miles I'm 50+ feet away.  We had dinner at a nice Mexican restaurant.

On December 1st we headed for a brand new cache, Lake Louisa State Park, a multicache that took us from point to point to point.  This was a lot of fun and we took our lunch along so we could enjoy the out of doors a bit longer.  We were the first to log this site. When I tried to log the cache after our return to Mass. (12/10/02) I found it to be archived because someone had taken the cache.  A return message from Flying Fish indicated that the cache would be located in a different location less likely to be found by the visiting public.   

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