What a great hobby when you already have more than one person can handle.

My friend John pointed me to an article in the FMCA magazine (Family Motor Coaching Assoc.) telling about Geocaching.  That's it, I was hooked!. 

I'd been using my GPS, a Garmin 12XL, for back packing, day hikes and road travel, but this was really something new.

Our first trip was to someplace local, Bear Hill Quarry.  We parked the car and made a bee-line for the cache, probably not the best idea for two old guys, through the sand pit, the pucker brush, over the rocks, across the bottom of the quarry then up the rock slide to the top and over to the cache.  We didn't think to take the cameras on this trip.

On the second trip to Kissacook Amphitheater John brought his camera.

John is on the left and I'm the other guy holding the cache.  It was my suggestion to bushwhack back to the car and felt sorry for John with just a t-shirt to protect his arms.

We left the car there and walked to Stony Brook Overlook for our second cache of the day.

John took his bride and went to Florida for the winter and I must go solo till he returns.  Got email from him today stating he'd found two cache sites already.

I went solo to Central Mass Railroad.  I'm not excited about being in a populated area and will probably avoid sites like this in the future.  Couldn't find a place to park that I thought was proper and ended up a mile east and hiked in on the old RR bed, through the mud to the tunnel then clear to the west end that looked down to the road.  I must have been spotted because I only made it a short way into the tunnel before I heard voices behind me that turned out to be two state troopers.  I explained Geocaching to them and they went on their way.  The tunnel seemed to be a hangout for area kids and they wanted me to be cautious.  I headed through the tunnel to the cache and made my entries.  Upon leaving, I heard another voice, my day for voices, it was Doug26, with more cache sites under his belt than I'll ever get. 

On my way back to the car a deer crossed the RR bed just in front of me and headed deeper into the woods.  I took another trail to avoid back yards and saw the deer again before bushwhacking the rest of the way to the car.  It was a great day to be out.

Geocaching in Florida

To be continued.


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